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Wit or Witout Cheesesteaks

Our Cheesesteak

So, how do you make Philly's best cheesesteak? You make it wit the city's best ingredients. We spent over a year taste testing all the components of the cheesesteak to find the best ingredients.

And we did it! The first year we opened, Philadelphia Magazine named Wit or Witout? the Best of Philly 2009.

Philadelphia is all about the cheesesteak, and so are we. Steaks are the only thing we do. (Well, and fries, of course.) So, there's nothing to distract us from achieving the ultimate cheesesteak.

To create the best tasting cheesesteak in Philadelphia, we went back to the sandwich's true source: the city's bakers and butchers. With their help — and lots and lots of taste tests — we cooked up a long, thin roll stuffed with slices of tender steak.

The rest is up to you. Provolone, American or authentic Cheez Whiz? Wit onions or witout? Cherry peppers? Pickles? Long hots? (Long hots are a Wit or Witout? favorite). It's your sandwich, always cooked to order.


What's Up Wit The Name?

Every Philadelphian knows the proper lingo for ordering your steak. If you want onions, it's a “cheesesteak wit.” If you don't want onions, it's a “cheesesteak witout.”

So, we're Wit or Witout? That's WoW, for short. And WoW is exactly what you'll say when you bite into your first Wit or Witout? cheesesteak wit. (Or witout.)

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